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Plettenberg Bay and the surrounding area has become extremely popular as a wonderful location for film shoots due to the natural beauty and diversity of the area. From forests to mountains, rivers, ocean, luxury villas and adventure attractions it is hard to beat.

Plett villas has excellent experience in dealing with film and production companies. We have been very involved in a few small productions as well as large productions.

Our Services

In the past, our expertise has been providing accommodation options for film crew, VIP stars, film administration departments and pretty much all involved in the production. We have worked very well with production companies and received positive feedback from them. We source the properties and manage all the accommodation bookings and logistics. Using our services to take care of this important aspect of a production is vital. Our background in the hospitality industry for many years ensures that service is key. Plett Film have sourced crew accommodation for productions in other parts of South Africa as well


Plett Film has over the years established stunning film location villas and properties. We understand the dynamics of film and the requirements for location properties. Our expertise in sourcing the perfect property, as well as legal requirements and operation logistics, ensure a professional production. We have a vast knowledge of the area and unique shoot locations. Plett Film has sourced villa location properties for productions in other areas of South Africa as well.

Crew Accommodation

Plett Film have managed crew accommodation for large productions. We source from stunning exclusive villas which can be fully serviced with a private chef and butler to basic crew accommodation. We work closely with large resorts, hotels, guest houses and other accommodation sources to ensure enough beds for production and catering to all requirements. Great care is taken in sourcing crew accommodation that works logistically while ensuring organisation and professionalism are a priority.

Plett Villas

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Plett Film has provided accommodation for well-known productions including Black Sails, Tomb Raider, and Bachelor Finland; all filmed in Plettenberg Bay. We have provided either crew or location properties or both. Our dedication to productions is a testament to our delivery.

Black Sails

Tomb Raider

Bachelor Finland

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